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Maruti Swift Vs Ritz

By for Maruti Swift November 24, 2012
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  • Appearance
  • Performance
  • Comfort
  • Value For Money
  • Fuel Economy
  • Overall Satisfaction

Pros : Good Look

Cons : Less comfortable than Ritz

My five friends have a Swift VDI and I have a Ritz VDI. I travelled in both the cars. Both cars engine are same, but I found many things are different. At the time of purchase a diesel car I was so much confused for selection. Some points I am sharing in this review. 

Look and Style - As compared to Ritz, Swift is more stylish. But in terms of driving Ritz is more convenient. 

Comfort :- Swift - Front seat is comfortable. But rear seating does not feel comfortable in long drive.   

Pickup :- As a Power concern Ritz is a overpower vehicle and it gives more thrill. But both the engine are same.   

Mileage : Good, same in both the cars : 16-17 Kmpl in the city and 21-22Kmpl on the highway.  

Best Features : Ritz has more space, comfort, tall seats, more storage, more clear driving vision. Due to the short bonnet and aerodynamic design, it is more convenient to drive in the city. Less turning radius easy for U-turn. Appearance is not so much satisfactory as compared to swift.  

Swift - New interiors  look good. Look is nice. More impressive than Ritz. Power is good. Mileage is good.

Overall Experience : Ritz is better than Swift. Because of price, mileage, height, leg room, short bonnet, suitable for tall boys, turning radius.

At last : If you want a style, go for the Swift and If you wants a value for money Go for the Ritz. 

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  • Pravesh Pardeshi |25 Nov,2012 11:35:10 PM

    I have a Ritz and now I'm selling it and purchasing Swift. Ritz' rear seat comfort is just worse. I feel jumping all the time while sitting on back seat. Although its really a powerful vehicle n nice to drive. I still will suggest people to buy Ritz rather than the Swift.

    Kishor |26 Nov,2012 02:29:29 PM

    Hi Pravesh, I agree with your experience. Suspension of Ritz is slightly hard than swift. It is very smooth on highway, but not on off-road. Thanks

    Naman |24 Dec,2015 01:17:18 AM

    I want to purchase petrol vehicle only. I am confused between ritz and swift..can anyone tell me.. Which one is fuel efficient and howz over all performance between these 2 cars???

    Ravindra Pardeshi |10 Nov,2014 04:39:58 PM

    Kindly tell your experience of ritz in terms of milage , comfort and its compatability for CNG attachment .I have booked Ritz VXI but still not confirmed the same due to lot of confusion in swift and Ritz I am tall having 6 feet height. Thanking you

    hellooo |13 Jan,2015 12:23:21 AM


    yogesh |05 Mar,2015 10:51:15 PM

    very good decide

    Hugh |09 Jul,2015 01:13:24 PM


    Hugh |09 Jul,2015 01:14:03 PM


    ashok shetty |26 Oct,2015 11:45:39 PM

    Thank u pravesh u r szt i go ritz

  • sksingh |30 Nov,2012 07:54:23 AM

    yes swift is stylish and good looking, but ritz is sports car looking , less price same engine means value for money.my own choice go swift , simply better for indian market value

  • Jaypalsingh Girase |02 Dec,2012 04:38:35 PM

    If Swift is the best selling car, then why Maruti makes the customers await for it.....? About 24 people in my contact went to TATA, MAHINDRA and other cars because they couldn't wait.

    Kishor |04 Dec,2012 02:09:04 PM

    May be Its a marketing policy.

  • bibin |08 Dec,2012 06:24:32 PM

    i f u want a sporty drive ,go for swift.and if u want normal drive all the time, go for ritz

    shael |20 Dec,2012 10:38:44 PM

    swift is far better than the Ritz. if u ever drive more electronics vehicle than u basically understand what is the driving policy of swift it's basically made for driver and co-passenger so enjoy it fr that nt the family purpose. and u can easily find it from the slogan of maruti sporty swift and roomy Ritz. it means ritz for comfort of rear passengers and swift is for the thrill of driver and co-passenger.....

    bibin |21 Dec,2012 07:23:27 PM

    ya bro really correct.

    Dr. Naveen |08 Jun,2013 09:18:25 PM

    yes u r absolutely right dear

  • pardeep |09 Dec,2012 11:52:34 AM

    swift is more better than ritz

  • Ramdas |17 Dec,2012 04:44:28 PM

    Anyway the look of swift is amazing, I didn't have a driving experience in swift, but I booked for new swift.

    E.Gnanaraj |27 Jan,2013 02:15:13 PM

    Its a rip of BMW Mini Cooper so it looks good.Verify it in Google search.

    Ser |12 Jul,2013 06:05:16 AM

    Swift was launched in 2000. Mini was launched in 2001.

    E.Gnanaraj |12 Jul,2013 09:08:03 PM

    The first generation was launched in 2000 that looked like wagon R. The second generation was launched in 2004 that looked like mini.Confirm this in wikipedia. You will be chocked.

    Ser |15 Jul,2013 05:44:30 AM

    Yes, you are right!

  • Kishor |17 Dec,2012 10:26:11 PM

    Don't worry! Swift is much better than any other brands. In point of view Look, Re-sale, spair and maintenance cost, power. It's really worth.

  • MRINAL KANTI GHOSH |24 Dec,2012 01:08:04 AM


    kishor |24 Dec,2012 10:10:29 PM

    Hi Mrinalji, WagonR and Swift is totally different segment. If you want impressive look, great features and luxury definetly go for Swift. & if you thing about only utility, compact with useful features, budget car, mileage Go for WagonR.

    SAJITH |26 Nov,2014 02:59:30 PM

    swift man, how can we compare swift with wagoner its foolishness.........

  • veerababu |25 Dec,2012 09:47:44 PM

    ok nice opinion friend

  • Jpatel |27 Dec,2012 11:59:12 AM

    I want buy car figo or swift vdi.which best pls advs

    Kishor |29 Dec,2012 04:58:59 PM

    Hi Patelji, If your hight is more than 5' ft 8 go for swift. Figo is good car. but hight, No rear power windows, maintenance?, resale value?, comfort. Please take the many test rides of both the vehicle.

    Arpit |13 Jul,2015 06:09:44 PM


  • sandy |30 Dec,2012 08:05:41 PM

    swift vdi r ritz which is best?

    Kishor |02 Jan,2013 01:46:04 PM

    Dear Sandy, Please see the review to compair.

  • Rani |03 Jan,2013 10:55:22 PM

    Plz suggest which car to choose among Renault Diesel and Swift VDI???

    kishor |04 Jan,2013 12:01:32 PM

    Hi Raniji, Renault have a Nisan's Engine which is best in class. In maintenance point of view Swift VDI is better, low in cost.

    Sanjay |24 Sep,2016 02:26:24 PM

    In the view of swift And renault kwid which is best for all like i want good car in low budget

  • pradeep |06 Jan,2013 06:09:58 PM

    there's no match for Swift in it's class.. it sets it's own benchmark of being unbeatable... I own Swift since 2007..

  • Sachin Dev |07 Jan,2013 11:35:08 PM

    acc to me swift's sales are high jus because of the after sales service provided by marutis. The package given for the swift ZDi is not worth paying 8.25 plus lakhs. To obtain better performance the designers have made the cabin weight very less. The body do not posses any potential to witstand blows. A hand punch can cause dents on doors of swift. on the other hand cars like punto,i20,ritz,vista etc have many more features than swift and have better safety ratings and handling abilities. they have proved to be value for money cars than swift. For new buyers it has become a superstitious belief that we need to buy swift coz many are buying that. change mind frnz.

  • sudhir |12 Jan,2013 08:48:50 PM

    i want to buy second hand car in deisel plz suggest

    nana rao |23 May,2018 12:29:54 PM

    Rutz petrol is better.

  • satyaprakash |18 Jan,2013 05:12:54 PM

    Hi,I want to buy a new car.which one will be better in city drive, whether Ritz or swift?. /

    Kishor d |18 Jan,2013 07:40:56 PM

    Dear Satyaprakashji, Hi, First you take the test drive of both the vehicles. B'caz it's total depend on your comfort level and height. In visibility, judgement point of view Ritz is more conviniant in City drive. It's my own experience. B'caz my height is 5.11. So I really enjoy the Ritz drive.

  • vxcvx |19 Jan,2013 11:01:25 AM

    Swift Petrol VXI or Swift Diesel VDI ????? still confused Please suggest

    Kishor dalvi |19 Jan,2013 11:34:24 AM

    Hi, Dear Friend, If your running is not more than 500 to 600 Km per month. go for VXI. and If your running is more than 1200km per month, Go for VDI.

  • prasanna |29 Jan,2013 12:02:16 PM

    im very confused buy ritz vxi or swift vxi ? please suge

    Kishor |31 Jan,2013 04:54:45 PM

    Dear Friend, Don't be confuse. B'caz both the car having same engine. But only difference is comfort, look and price. If you are not satisfied with Ritz, go for Swift. B'caz it's give more features, look and style.

  • Solomon |25 Feb,2013 10:05:34 PM

    Hi Friends, I'm planning to buy Honda City, as i see the comments above. Please suggest me so that i could choose the best ? Honda City or Maruti Swift ?????

    kishor |27 Feb,2013 06:01:01 PM

    Hi Friend, both the cars of different catagory. If you not worried about petrole and you want a good sedan, go for Honda City. Bcaz its class, feel, luxury nothing mach with any other hatchback segment. Its a good choise. But if you want a deasel thrill in lower cost, go for Swift.

    Solomon |01 Mar,2013 06:53:02 PM

    Thank you Kishore :)

  • arun |27 Feb,2013 11:17:03 PM

    Hi friends I planning to buy car and my running will be 1000 to 2000 km per month my budget is 4-6 lacs can you please suggest car which have good leg space in front and back, safety, good mileage. I have short listed maruti wagon r , i10 , polo, swift, beat. pl suggest.

    ravi |08 Mar,2015 12:13:22 AM

    Iam 28 having lumber spine problem I want to buy a new car I 5.3 height want good driving comfort in city and highway, milage, boot space more, suggest me which one better

  • shishir |16 Mar,2013 02:37:02 AM

    Which car should I buy ritz or swift. need to drive on and off road.

    Kishor |19 Mar,2013 02:05:38 PM

    Dear Shishir, If your run on off and on road definitely go for Ritz. B'caz it's ground clearance is more, suspension is hard like that and it's a overpowered vehicle. Good luck...!

  • nishant |22 Apr,2013 11:51:44 PM

    i am planning to buy a car this week. i have a confusion between swift lxi model and ritz vxi model.. i need the overall result.. so plz suggest me the best one

    Kishor |23 Apr,2013 08:17:03 PM

    Hi Nishant, As compair to Swift lxi Ritz Vxi have a more features in same price. If you want a look go for Swift LXI and if you want a features go for Ritz.

  • Praveen |30 Apr,2013 01:24:20 PM

    Hi friends, I am a person for whom driving is a passion and planning to buy a car. My running will be 15000 km avg per year, 50% will be local and 50% will on highways. pls suggest a diesel car which have good leg space in front and back, safety, good mileage. Confused between Vista, Swift and Ritz. I am inclined towards Ritz pls confirm whether it is stable on highways (driving @ 100 -1 20 kmph) since it has more height compared to other two.

    Kishor |02 May,2013 05:33:27 PM

    Hi Praveenji, As per my experience Ritz is more comfortable for tall boy. I use this car at 110-130kmph on highway. Other member seating in car, they not believe the speed, stability and smoothness. No noise, bubble, shake. After speed of 100 it is amazing, smooth. In city i drive with 50-60 speed normally. This car call as a over powered vehicle, Tall boy cruiser. Both the things i like. So i suggest you a ritz. No any comparison with Vista. in Quality consurn. I don't like the Swift for back room. back seating is not comfortable. Best of luck for your New Dream Deasel Machine. Thanks...!

  • karthik |04 May,2013 12:38:58 PM

    hi, Im confused whether to buy ritz or swift. both are same in many areas but, its difficult to decide which one. Most of them are prefering swift than ritz. which one to take. Some say that ritz shakes a lot on highways roads. is it true?

    Kishor |11 May,2013 02:08:16 PM

    Hi Karthik, I drive the Ritz on highway with 130 kmph. I had not find this problem. I like ritz for his over power, Room and Off Road driving. Swift is looking so nice. But I want sturdy build.

  • viney |14 May,2013 12:19:23 AM

    i m littel confuse between ritz diesal and swift diesal pls suggest my height in 6'1........... according to my height pls suggest

    kishor |14 May,2013 12:49:47 PM

    Hi Viney, My height is 5.11 so i prefer the Ritz. Bcaz Swift have a less room than ritz, Rear seat of the swift is not comfortable in long drive. In us country Ritz known as a tall boy cruiser. Take a test ride with both the cars then decide. Please read the previous reviews to know more. Good luck for your new Diesel thrill. Thanks.

  • ruchir |27 Jun,2013 12:29:30 AM

    I am planning to buy my first car and my budget is between 4-6 lac. I've just gone through different variance of swift. I am a bit confused between a patrol or disel one. which one is buying worth for me. Is going for vxi variant is good or i should go for a diesel one.

    kishor |02 Jul,2013 04:37:08 PM

    Hi, If this is your 1st car, prefer only petrol. B'caz of it is in you budget, low price, low maintenance.

  • Mohit |24 Aug,2013 10:38:48 PM

    Hello, I m thinking for a new hachback car with low budjet,low maintainance,gud milage,look,features. coz in jst age of 18 i m gifting myself a self owned car so u can undesrstand me so which one will be preferrable me accoding to personality

    Kishor |02 Sep,2013 06:21:40 PM

    Hi Mohit, Many hatchbacks are available in market, but quality is different. Think about quality, performance, life, maintenance, millage. as per my opinion Swift & figo are better.

  • ryan |09 Oct,2013 11:06:23 AM

    Pls help me in deciding to buy Ritz lxi or Swift lxi, my useage is around 300kms per month.

    Kishor |30 Oct,2013 08:09:12 PM

    Hi Ryan, If you are highted, want a sturdy vehicle, more specious and roomy go for Ritz. If you want a style go for Swift. Thanks for reading.

  • Annappa |19 Nov,2013 10:52:52 PM

    i want to buy car which is better swift or swift dzire

  • Sujith |05 Dec,2013 12:37:51 AM

    Sir , Which car has more resale value? Swift or Ritz??

    Kishor Dalvi |10 Jan,2014 09:54:29 PM

    Swift having a good resale.

  • Raju |03 Jan,2014 02:23:09 AM

    Hi, Please suggest me good vehicle where, i can sit comfortable in both driver and back passenger seat (backside). My height is 6.2.

    kishor |10 Jan,2014 09:50:53 PM

    Dear Raju, Ritz is good one. B'caz in all hatchback segment only this vehicle having a lot of space and height. I am totally satisfied with its performance and utility. Best luck for your dream car.

    ganesh Dhake |19 May,2015 12:46:48 AM

    Which car I take ritz zdi or maruti swift vdi

  • Joban |24 Mar,2014 09:57:22 PM

    Which is the best car among swift zdi or hyundai sportz or volkswagen polo tdi??????.

  • Joban |24 Mar,2014 09:59:11 PM

    Which is the best car among swift zdi or hyundai i20 sportz or volkswagen polo tdi??????.

    kishor |18 Apr,2014 08:33:34 PM

    Dear Joban, No doubt in performance polo is much better. Interior, look of the i20 is better. But in maintenance, cost effectiveness Swift is better than other. You have to choose which thing is more IMP for you.

    vikas |18 Oct,2016 04:48:33 AM

    Nicee commenttt 👍🏻

  • Rayapeddi |13 May,2014 06:27:01 AM

    Iam 61 want to buy a new Maruti car for minimal use (say around 150 km pm) in Chennai City driving. Pl sug.me the best one among Ritz/Celerio/Wagon R. It shd be VFM, better resale value, mileage and low maint.costs. My budget (onroad price) is 5 lacs

  • shefees |25 May,2014 12:10:45 PM

    please help me, i am deciding to buy a family hatch back ,my family contains 5 persons all are nearly 80-100 kg in weight ,which car may i prefer swift or ritz ????????.which version petrol or desel???

  • abhi |26 May,2014 01:29:12 AM

    Hi Friends My monthly running would be around 1000Kms. I have heard frm dealers that if you dnt drive daily ur diesel machine u ll face problems in long run. I mean acc to them a diesel car should run daily & more than 1500 kms p.m. Is that true ..? I m confused between diesel & petrol. Kindly suggest.

  • Kumar |09 Jun,2014 03:17:19 PM

    Hi Friends, i am planning to buy a car, my family contains 5 persons(including parents), height not more than 5'7'', looking for bit wider car. please help me. which car i can prefer swift or ritz?. which version petrol or desel? distance I travel daily 35-40kms. kindly suggest.

    umashankar |08 Jul,2014 08:42:23 PM

    i am very confused between swift & ritz ,, if ur any experience pls guide me...... thnx

  • uday |15 Jul,2014 05:43:26 PM

    hi...i want to buy a car with good handling, strong and power and fun in driving on highways.....pls suggest me which car is best one in swift....., ritz.....,grand i10.....,figo......,which one is the best one in these four cars...?

  • avinash |04 Aug,2014 04:56:25 PM

    swift is more comfortable appearance stylish than ritz, driving very comfortable, resale good than ritz i think good choice is to buy swift but in crowded areas difficult to drive as compared to ritz

    kishor |10 Nov,2014 06:32:07 PM

    I agree. Ritz is more convenient to drive in crowd due to short bonnet.

  • Ravindra Pardeshi |10 Nov,2014 04:43:49 PM

    Kindly suggest which car either swift or Ritz is more economical in terms of milage and ineternal space and its compatability for CNG connection

    Kishor Dalvi |10 Nov,2014 06:39:47 PM

    Both the Millage are nearby same. B'caz engine are same. space is good in ridz. That's why its called as Roomy Ritz and Stylish Swift. for CNG contact your nearest dealer. Ritz have a tight build. so its suspension are hard. But my experience is in hye way it is more stable. I drive till 150 kmph without hesitation. that time road was not smooth. But no problem. I enjoyed the drive so much. only rear seating is short for tall persons.

  • abc |18 Nov,2014 07:36:38 PM


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  • puneet pathak |08 Dec,2014 04:39:37 PM

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  • ankush |10 Jan,2015 11:43:37 PM

    i labb swift

  • hellooo |13 Jan,2015 12:21:29 AM

    Good experience

  • hellooo |13 Jan,2015 12:24:17 AM

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  • Hashim |01 Mar,2015 02:18:56 AM

    Than x kishore

  • Ramesh |10 Mar,2015 08:12:40 PM

    I am also using ritz car it is comfortable vehicle expecially in long drive speed is good road grip is very good you want feel uncomfortable to drive overall it is good styles Ritz aerodynamic vehicles

  • ravinder |13 Mar,2015 12:36:17 PM

    This is test

  • manoj sharma |09 Apr,2015 12:25:28 PM

    ritz is far better than swift....driving experience of titz is like an suv

  • Sam |24 Apr,2015 07:01:54 PM

    Best car for me

  • Sam |24 Apr,2015 07:07:56 PM

    Best car for me

  • Sam |24 Apr,2015 07:10:03 PM

    Best car for me

  • mukesh |28 Apr,2015 03:34:14 PM

    I likes Swift..... Resale value is more than ritz

  • ashs |30 Apr,2015 07:54:12 PM

    Very good car

  • ashs |30 Apr,2015 07:54:54 PM

    Very nice view of car

    Sam |23 May,2015 02:28:17 PM

    Agree with yiu

    Sam |23 May,2015 08:15:08 PM

    Agree with you

    Sam |23 May,2015 08:15:56 PM

    Agree with you

    Sam |23 May,2015 08:17:01 PM

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    Ashu |23 May,2015 08:20:36 PM

    agreed with you

    Ashu |23 May,2015 08:25:49 PM

    we are checking cars

    Ashu |23 May,2015 08:28:59 PM

    Hello sam I am sllluuu

  • avinash |03 Jul,2015 05:10:05 PM

    Swift is good in all aspects style driving milage etc but responce is poor in showroom ,till buying the they remember u after selling they will forget u , while buying car get detailed description about warranty of parts and check the tyres

  • Hugh |09 Jul,2015 01:10:29 PM


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  • Sudip Kumar Das |22 Jul,2015 10:48:39 AM

    I agree with you

  • Soumyadipta Sarkar |24 Jul,2015 04:02:05 PM

    If u look ritz from back..it seems that some car has colided to its back side... front is ok..middle is ok...but suddenly backside ends

  • Abhishek |03 Nov,2015 02:22:14 PM

    Looking at ritz feels like.. Some other car has stuck from behind... Very horrible design

  • Shahid |21 Nov,2015 06:06:46 PM

    I want to sell my santro ant want to buy a new car. My budget is 6 lac and i want a diesel car, so plz suggest me which car is best to buy in 6 lac

    vichu |26 Nov,2015 12:17:56 PM

    go for honda jazz or swift...

  • aamir |23 Nov,2015 02:07:44 PM

    Please suggest frnd which car is better swift or ritz

  • prashant |05 Dec,2015 02:51:16 PM

    Hi m prashant, I purchased maruti swift vdi frm kankaria automotive pvt ltd ahmednagar. Service given by them was very bad. Also car was defected by dent on door i complained to maruti but they didn't respond. So advice to all don't by any maruti car.

  • sunny sharma |07 Dec,2015 10:41:26 AM

    I wannna buy a new car which one is best ritz or swift ..?

  • Amir |22 Dec,2015 02:44:07 AM

    Which car is best in pickup swift or baleno in petrol version

  • naval nagpal |28 Dec,2015 06:11:52 PM

    There is no stering wheal control thats why grand i10 looks more dashing

  • test |17 Jan,2016 11:11:02 AM

    Great awesome

    Shakti |02 Feb,2016 10:53:03 PM


  • Mayank sharma |13 Feb,2016 01:12:30 AM

    No space No height No leg room Problems in see the road near the vehicle. Just a wastage of money i think.

  • mrinal |21 Apr,2016 02:37:14 PM

    need to know swift zxi or i20 elite asta suggest. anyone and plz do enlighten me with logic

  • Prakash Sangle |20 Sep,2018 08:31:44 PM

    I have ritz vdi and I am very happy with ritz bcz driving and handeling is very smooth , enjoying rides with big space like a sedan car . Why maruti is discontinued this model . I realy love it . My humble request to Maruti Suzuki please bring this Rits in new feachers . I am using it in pune city . Very useful in crauwded area too.

    Bidyadhar Kujur |07 Nov,2019 11:44:29 PM

    I agreed bro

  • GOUTAMSINGH |14 Nov,2019 07:33:32 PM

    I have RITZ Vxi & it is better than Swift. While purchasing we did test drive for Ritz & Swift but the driving comfort in Ritz is too good in comparison to Swift & other vehicles.

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