• VS
    Maruti Baleno
    Maruti Baleno
    Rs   5.38 - 8.5 Lakh*
    Hyundai Elite i20
    Hyundai Elite i20
    Rs   5.43 - 9.23 Lakh*
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  • VS
    Maruti Baleno
    Maruti Baleno
    Rs   5.38 - 8.5 Lakh*
    Maruti Swift
    Maruti Swift
    Rs   4.99 - 8.85 Lakh*
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  • VS
    Maruti Baleno
    Maruti Baleno
    Rs   5.38 - 8.5 Lakh*
    Maruti Dzire
    Maruti Dzire
    Rs   5.69 - 9.54 Lakh*
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  • VS
    Maruti Baleno
    Maruti Baleno
    Rs   5.38 - 8.5 Lakh*
    Tata Nexon
    Tata Nexon
    Rs   6.23 - 10.67 Lakh*
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  • VS
    Maruti Baleno
    Maruti Baleno
    Rs   5.38 - 8.5 Lakh*
    Maruti Vitara Brezza
    Maruti Vitara Brezza
    Rs   7.67 - 10.64 Lakh*
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Excellent Premium Featured Car

By for Maruti Baleno 2015-10-28 16:28:59.0
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  • Appearance
  • Performance
  • Comfort
  • Value For Money
  • Fuel Economy
  • Overall Satisfaction

Pros : Headlights with DRL, reverse parking camera, looks, comfort

Cons : Less accessories are provided

Look and Style: Looks of this car are really very impressive when compared to other models.

Comfort: Very good leg space with a luxury feel of seating.

Pickup: Excellent.

Mileage: Comparatively good.

Best Features: Elegant headlight with superb Daylight running light, Reverse parking camera, excellent Bluetooth connectivity and the speaker phone is clear.

Needs to improve: More accessories should have been given.

Overall Experience: Very Nice.

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  • Deep Tamakuwala |28 Oct,2015 05:19:33 PM

    Confused between honda jazz and new baleno. Please suggest which should I buy?

    Pritam Sony |28 Oct,2015 05:37:08 PM

    Go for Maruti...

    Sujeet Gaikwad |28 Oct,2015 05:56:16 PM

    I think Honda

    Tushar Thorat |28 Oct,2015 06:21:54 PM

    Go with maruti suzuki

    Sujeet Gaikwad |08 Dec,2015 08:03:54 PM

    Booked Baleno

    Aniket |01 Jan,2016 08:15:49 PM

    Even I have booked baleno on 2 DEC wat is the waiting time given to you

    nazre imam |08 Jan,2016 11:26:06 PM

    Don't go for baleno.. Nexa team really sucks ....no guarantee when your car arrives.I hve booked on 20 Dec , not heard when I will get the car...

    DrMdk |12 Mar,2016 02:47:37 PM

    Nexa is just fu****g experience. ... no guarantee abt delivery

    jyotish |03 Apr,2016 05:41:39 PM

    Is this a user review or a delivery related review??????

    divyam |20 Apr,2016 09:32:30 AM

    Baleno is based on EUROPEAN QUALIFICATION and right now the car is been manufactured only in Indian. The car is been exported world wide every day only 10 cars are been manufactured from factory out of which 4 remain in Indian and 6 are exported to others

    Pranshu Priyadarshi |14 Jul,2016 07:33:19 PM

    Kaha hai be?

    nazre imam |08 Jan,2016 11:25:42 PM

    Don't go for baleno.. Nexa team really sucks ....no guarantee when your car arrives.I hve booked on 20 Dec , not heard when I will get the car...

    nazre imam |08 Jan,2016 11:25:22 PM

    Don't go for baleno.. Nexa team really sucks ....no guarantee when your car arrives.I hve booked on 20 Dec , not heard when I will get the car...

    ashish |15 Apr,2016 10:48:16 AM

    hey I booked on 20th of Oct.. before release & I got my car on 6th of Nov. ..

    amber tamrakar |19 Aug,2016 04:16:39 AM

    Relax man Waiting period is 27weeks Overall its excellent

    Tapas Nanda |07 Dec,2015 12:30:48 PM

    Best of India road maruti only baleno is a nice car

    Sujeet Gaikwad |08 Dec,2015 08:04:19 PM

    Booked Baleno

    kiran |01 May,2016 06:56:52 AM

    How baleno be a best car for india witout a single plastic cover at the bottom even the smaller car has it

    jose thomas edattu |08 Feb,2016 07:31:40 PM

    What extra think u liked in honda?? Plz don try to fool others

    kiran |01 May,2016 06:59:18 AM

    Are you a user of baleno then u know what extra in jazz

    thyagaraj |31 Oct,2015 05:06:54 PM

    Pls go for Baleno... it is awesome

    ritik |08 Nov,2015 09:45:58 PM

    Did u buy ??

    nazre imam |08 Jan,2016 11:26:29 PM

    Don't go for baleno.. Nexa team really sucks ....no guarantee when your car arrives.I hve booked on 20 Dec , not heard when I will get the car...

    dhiren |08 Nov,2015 01:09:34 PM

    always maruti...bcz value for money

    nazre imam |08 Jan,2016 11:26:48 PM

    Don't go for baleno.. Nexa team really sucks ....no guarantee when your car arrives.I hve booked on 20 Dec , not heard when I will get the car...

    Suresh Bokam |11 Nov,2015 10:06:32 PM

    Baleno is best

    rahul |17 Nov,2015 03:40:53 PM

    I also thought of buying jazz but for the price of jazz variant S MT you can buy Baleno zeta which is less price and this jazz costs higher and Baleno has many facilities than jazz and you can better go for Baleno

    Jyotiraditya roy |06 Jan,2016 02:58:08 PM

    Yes you right I thought I will buy baleno

    nazre imam |08 Jan,2016 11:27:14 PM

    Don't go for baleno.. Nexa team really sucks ....no guarantee when your car arrives.I hve booked on 20 Dec , not heard when I will get the car...

    anonymous |12 Apr,2016 07:58:22 PM

    Jazz received 5 star in ncap safty testing. Do not look at features only. They have used good quality material in exterior as well as interior.

    sunny Bhai |12 Dec,2015 03:35:33 PM

    Nexa sucks.. Relationship managers are bluffers, after sales service pathetic reviews afraid to buy booked 5th week running no news no update from any one, my friend are forcing to cancel registered baleno and go for swift car. Kindly reply friends..?

    Pronay |16 Dec,2015 10:03:55 PM

    No value for commitment.. Booked on 25th Nov & committed to deliver by Jan end.. Yesterday sent a mail with attached BRF saying waiting period 21 weeks i.e. 2nd May.. Nexa sucks.. Cancelling my booking..

    messi |18 Dec,2015 08:39:11 PM

    I am from Nexa sir which model you booked?

    sunny Bhai |20 Dec,2015 01:18:31 AM

    Maruti baleno sigma at hyd

    Antony David |27 Jan,2016 10:23:19 PM

    I gonna book a baleno in chennai Which variant is value for money in budget zeta or Alpha. And what s the waiting period.

    Dr Manish |31 Dec,2015 04:22:05 AM

    Nexa experience really sucks. They bluffed and forced me to book the car quickly which I ended up doing. Finally these people started giving one excuse over the other. Got so much bugged up. Finally bought the i20 active SX. I m pretty much satisfied :-)

    Ayaz Ali |26 Feb,2016 03:16:11 PM

    Mr pritam baleno is best

    Prasant kumar singh |06 Mar,2016 11:54:09 PM

    Baleno is the best

    ansulgarg |28 Oct,2015 07:12:40 PM

    U buy baleno .its batter than Honda jazz.

    vinod mevada |28 Oct,2015 07:37:06 PM

    Go for baleno

    Ravin |28 Oct,2015 08:55:17 PM

    Go with baleno..looks,better than swift..

    sanker |28 Oct,2015 09:24:56 PM

    Go with baleno ....compare to cost and maintenance

    Dev Dutt |04 Nov,2015 08:18:45 AM

    Go for baleno. It is maruti product with lots of space. Cheaper price. Easy maintaince. Nice look also

    prashant |11 Dec,2015 07:03:46 PM

    Ford figo aspire or baleno? I m cnfused....pls suggest me bst one

    prashant |11 Dec,2015 07:05:23 PM

    Me too Confused bro....suggest me also

    Shreyansh Shahu |31 Aug,2016 04:33:07 PM

    Figo aspire Far more better than baleno. Balenos interior plastic quality is the worst and the fittings in dashboard are pathetic

    Shreyansh Shahu |31 Aug,2016 04:33:33 PM

    Figo aspire Far more better than baleno. Balenos interior plastic quality is the worst and the fittings in dashboard are pathetic.

    Swapnil Chavan |28 Oct,2015 10:36:11 PM

    You should buy baleno as latest features are included in low price. .you won't find features like climate control in jazz..and many more such features

    saif |29 Oct,2015 12:50:55 PM

    Jazz is vry old model. Baleno looks mch bttr thn jazz. Marti mntnnse is low

    gulfam ali |05 Nov,2015 12:19:13 AM

    Honda jazz just launched with new awtaar it has also climate control

    padmanabha |29 Oct,2015 11:48:23 PM

    Baleno Should be first choice

    sathish |30 Oct,2015 04:42:46 PM

    Jazz is betr than bal

    Ashok |30 Oct,2015 08:23:18 PM

    Basically jazz is not a good option in comparison to brand new baleno you should also consider that maruti's after sale service and maintainence cost is lowest in indian automobile sector

    narendra bhivgade |10 Feb,2016 12:50:06 AM

    Plz suggest me to purchase about balano petrol delta or zeta which is good

    TANUJ |30 Oct,2015 10:09:37 PM

    Definately go for baleno

    Mohiyeddeen |31 Oct,2015 08:55:45 AM

    Go for Baleno

    salman |31 Oct,2015 12:23:38 PM

    Go for baleno ,it have better resale value than Honda jazz

    nazre imam |08 Jan,2016 11:21:53 PM

    Don't go for baleno.. Nexa team really sucks ....no guarantee when your arrives.

    yogesh |26 Jan,2016 12:04:15 AM

    You go with mahindra kuv 100

    Mukesh gera |31 Oct,2015 12:48:20 PM

    Any time maruti suzuki balleno is best,

    akash |31 Oct,2015 02:26:57 PM

    Baleno is best...

    sanket |31 Oct,2015 04:46:29 PM

    Baleno is best

    rohit |01 Nov,2015 01:43:41 AM

    Go for honda ....if petrol else martial

    vasudeva murthy |01 Nov,2015 05:33:08 AM

    Go for Baleno

    Ram |01 Nov,2015 04:59:59 PM

    Baleno is better with loads of features which Jazz doesn't offer in high end also....price is also on lower side for baleno...service and spares cost also very cheap for maruthi compared to Honda

    amar makhija |01 Nov,2015 09:55:48 PM

    New baleno New baleno

    Abhishek |02 Nov,2015 12:18:14 AM

    Go for Maruti always as spares and service is easily available. Also maruti is using same engine of swift n desire which is already proven in the market.

    Dhruv |03 Nov,2015 10:08:55 PM

    Offcourse baleno ....i just bought it....its pick is grt.....having grt room space in rear seats.....grt bluetooth....connectivity.....overall 5 star

    pankaj |16 Feb,2016 09:31:03 PM

    i am thinking to buy baleno but in some reviev say baleno is not goood si i am confusing

    sugu |03 Nov,2015 10:53:58 PM

    Mass may better

    Parashar Desai |04 Nov,2015 10:29:25 AM

    Of course I will select Baleno between the two choices. Baleno is spacious, loaded with features and most importantly is the best priced amongst its competition. Probably its the best car in all segments in terms of Value for Money.

    Vijay Raikar |04 Nov,2015 10:33:54 PM

    Buy Baleno without looking of other option

    atul monga |05 Nov,2015 01:13:17 AM

    Go for baleno

    milan |05 Nov,2015 02:26:12 AM

    Baleno good choice Both r good BT 1st choice baleno sir.

    sanchit |05 Nov,2015 07:38:25 AM

    Go for Baleno

    Sandeep |05 Nov,2015 07:16:36 PM

    Jazz.....much better power...with same fuel efficiency...

    dhiraj mishra |06 Nov,2015 08:29:14 AM

    Baleno is best

    Rehan Khan |06 Nov,2015 05:22:35 PM

    If u want both look and performance then buy baleno and if u give more priority to look only then u can buy jazz...

    manoj karki |06 Nov,2015 07:23:26 PM

    I think baleno

    ngg |08 Nov,2015 03:07:04 PM

    Go with Baleno

    debashish |08 Nov,2015 03:17:01 PM

    Look wise, its purely you choice. In terms of engine both are good and proven, Feature and pricing wise baleno is far ahead than jazz Being an automobile person I suggest for baleno as its coming with most of the safety features as standard at a very co

    sonal |08 Nov,2015 09:50:55 PM

    Maruti baleno best than Honda jazz

    Vimal jivani |11 Nov,2015 11:11:13 PM

    My friend baleno will be beter bxoz me nd my brother me ha brought baleno ns my brother brought jazz now he fell unlucky bcoz of performence

    Kumar |30 Nov,2015 10:39:58 PM

    Can you please tell me the actual milage for delta petrol..

    sumit narang |23 Dec,2015 10:03:05 PM

    Can u plzz tell me exact review of baleno i am confused b/w honda jazz baleno and figo

    ayush |13 Nov,2015 08:40:51 AM

    Please don't go for jazz I suggest u to go for i20 active and i20 elite

    akash |13 Nov,2015 11:32:06 AM

    Go for baleno

    surinder |14 Nov,2015 03:16:22 PM

    definately baleno is best. keeping in view the price and features. jazz only got a 1498 cc diesel engine. interior, looks and features of baleno are much better than jazz

    vchauhan |14 Nov,2015 08:31:20 PM

    new baleno comfortable h mst h looking owsam

    Naved Hasan |19 Nov,2015 11:31:39 PM

    You Should Chose Baleno

    Karan |21 Nov,2015 05:25:31 PM

    Baleno in my opinion is the better option. Go for it. Afterall, Maruti's got better ownership value.

    PRADIPKUMAR |22 Nov,2015 12:58:30 PM

    Of course Baleno

    Tejas |23 Nov,2015 03:36:27 PM

    You should go with baleno

    aditya |27 Nov,2015 08:25:13 PM

    U should buy baleno

    Durairaj |29 Nov,2015 07:06:02 AM

    No doubt.... go for baleno

    Bharat vyas |29 Nov,2015 10:29:05 PM

    All new ford figo

    j c Gurumurthy |05 Dec,2015 08:21:09 PM

    Go for Baleno

    prashant |06 Dec,2015 01:04:57 AM

    Baleno suzuki

    anil |09 Dec,2015 11:25:00 PM

    Go for elitei20

    chmni |11 Dec,2015 05:14:31 PM

    Go for baleno

    kewal singh sidhu |11 Dec,2015 05:54:10 PM

    Go i20 new very good

    prasad |17 Dec,2015 11:10:51 PM

    Go for Honda because jazz has more power than baleno. Jazz with 1500 cc and 100ps power while baleno 1250 cc. And Honda is the global leader in technology.

    shameek |19 Dec,2015 10:46:15 PM

    Baleno is better!

    kawaljeet |04 Jan,2016 01:40:09 PM

    Go for baleno... Maruti also has very good resell value

    nazre imam |08 Jan,2016 11:24:53 PM

    Go for jazz at least you will get it....Don't go for baleno.. Nexa team really sucks ....no guarantee when your car arrives.I hve booked on 20 Dec , not heard when I will get the car...

    amaresh |11 Jan,2016 12:45:58 PM

    Go for Hyundai i20 elite

    Dinesh |14 Jan,2016 06:35:23 PM

    Go for baleno its awesom, i have baleno....

    sandeep |15 Jan,2016 10:58:03 PM

    Go for maruti baleno

    jose thomas edattu |15 Jan,2016 11:20:57 PM

    Go for i20. I bought one and thats really good.balenos build quality is very cheap and not that premium lik hyundai. So many cost cutting gadgets. Das board plastics are not good.will wear off with time.

    sandeep ingole |24 Jan,2016 04:56:36 PM

    Proceed for baleno...u can't get 1745 n 3995. Width n length respectively in jazz for space... More on that ABS,...EBD...n two front airbags at the cost of 6.6L.....think again....reasonable spare costs....low cost servicing...etc etc

    vickyraj |24 Jan,2016 08:23:03 PM

    Baleno bst....

    vickyraj |27 Jan,2016 11:21:42 AM

    Take baleno......

    jyotiraditya roy |28 Jan,2016 11:23:03 AM

    I think baleno

    sandy |06 Feb,2016 09:08:45 PM

    Baleno only it is newly launched and come with all new features

    nishant kumar |07 Feb,2016 11:11:27 PM

    Go for baleno

    rajesh |08 Feb,2016 01:50:43 PM

    Baleno is the best option even compare to honda jazz

    Vivek Tiwari |08 Feb,2016 05:10:22 PM

    Go gor baleno....even i too will be purchasing baleno soon

    Saurav Rathore |29 Feb,2016 11:21:44 PM

    Dude always maruti

    amrit |11 Mar,2016 01:54:38 PM

    Go for elite i20 diesel or baleno patrol

    mridul |14 Mar,2016 11:05:15 AM

    Baleno best car

    Rajveer Chauhan |18 Mar,2016 02:00:34 PM

    Baleno is best dear... Go for it

    rajendra |20 Mar,2016 04:15:53 PM

    Baleno you should take it

    gowtham |08 Apr,2016 10:29:41 PM

    Baleno was best

    Sandeep |28 Apr,2016 12:08:44 PM

    Confused between Brizza and Baleno pleases suggest which should l buy ?

    thomas |01 May,2016 06:50:20 AM

    Dont take baleno its just a pice of scrape go for jazz

    saurabh |19 May,2016 12:44:36 PM

    Baleno offcourse

    saurabh |19 May,2016 12:44:41 PM

    Baleno offcourse

    parth |11 Jun,2016 01:56:13 PM

    You should must go with boleno

    laxman kolhe |14 Jul,2016 12:12:35 PM

    Honda jazz always better than baleno

    Rohit |18 Sep,2016 09:00:14 PM

    Honda jazz doesnt have alloy wheels, climate control ac, less width, low mileage as compared to baleno. Now decide urself as why u want to buy one over another

    navneet |02 Oct,2016 06:56:25 AM

    You should buy baleno

  • anshu |28 Oct,2015 06:21:05 PM

    honda jazz or baleno

    Tushar Thorat |28 Oct,2015 06:22:52 PM

    Belano not jazz

    Monish Kumar |28 Oct,2015 09:48:15 PM

    Go with Baleno... coz it offers many features than jazz... also it costs lesser than d it's competitor...

    Dhruv |03 Nov,2015 10:10:15 PM

    Baleno is best .....

  • naman |28 Oct,2015 06:30:52 PM

    Canfused in i20 and baleno suggest me

    anil |01 Nov,2015 08:41:00 PM

    Go for elitei20

    brijesh patel |02 Nov,2015 07:06:17 PM

    Go for baleno

    Viren |03 Nov,2015 07:24:56 AM

    Go for i 20 ..i have also i20 from last 3 years and i don't have any complain...hyundai is very smooth compare to maruti

  • jitu saikia |28 Oct,2015 07:12:12 PM

    Confused betwen mahindra bolero and maruti baleno. Pls sujest .

    jitu saikia |28 Oct,2015 07:14:27 PM

    Confused betwen mahindro bolero and maruti baleno. Pls suggest ..

    Arun Menon |02 Nov,2015 11:32:46 AM

    Except with Similarly between names both cars are different from A to Z. Depends on your drive needs u have to choose.

  • thirukumaran |28 Oct,2015 08:01:56 PM

    Confused with creta and baleno plz suggest me

    Hari |28 Oct,2015 08:37:10 PM

    Thirukumaran Creta is compact suv .. Baleno is just a hatch back.. Never ever compare creta and baleno... Baleno is far away from creta ... Dnt even ever imagine by putting this two cars together ...

    Arun Menon |02 Nov,2015 11:30:47 AM

    CRETA is most power among compact SUV and sheer driv pleasure. Baleno is a advanced version of Swift with power half of CRETA. Except with service and spares Baleno is not a outstanding drive. Take test drive and know for ur self.

    Narayanaswamyc |29 Dec,2015 03:48:08 PM

    Buying a new car suggest

    rhhh |23 Mar,2016 09:18:25 AM

    Go 4 boleno

  • Mohit Kumar |28 Oct,2015 08:46:54 PM

    Good looking car with awesome features

  • Ankita |28 Oct,2015 10:23:50 PM

    Luk wise I20 active is best and overoll mileage is quite low while Baleno offers ok ok luk n high mileage.confused..

    mohan |28 Oct,2015 11:00:46 PM

    Baleno equally looks gud like i20 .. Price is best with features like ABS,EBD n Airbag even in base varient.. Maintenance s low compared to hundai.

    pradip |03 Nov,2015 10:24:22 PM

    Baleno best allways

  • mohan |28 Oct,2015 10:48:29 PM

    Wow today I booked Baleno, was confused between polo i20 n Baleno n finally selected Baleno.. Looks awesome milage what they mentioned is really gud, ABS EBD Airbags in basic varient also lovely .. Waiting for the Car

    navin |28 Oct,2015 11:52:20 PM

    Yeaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh.... I too booked baleno at nexa sadashivnagar...!! Super excited... Loved the looks, mileage claim and premiumness, let's hope for the best.. I'm badly waiting for the test drive...!!

    Saurabh Shinde |28 Oct,2015 11:59:33 PM

    NEXA is providing any free accessories? What is ur waiting period?

    Saurabh Shinde |29 Oct,2015 12:03:55 AM

    I have also booked it But waiting period is 25 days Any idea about accessories prices When they r gng to launch accessories?

    mohan |29 Oct,2015 11:28:51 AM

    Congrats Naveen .. I have booked in jp nagar

    Raj |29 Oct,2015 08:49:36 PM

    Pls give me Nexa show room no ?

    Lokesh Kumar |30 Oct,2015 10:49:56 PM

    Whats the waiting time ?

    pruthvish |31 Oct,2015 02:08:04 AM

    Me to excited to drive my baleno

    Dinesh dhakate |01 Nov,2015 11:52:43 AM


    Suresh Doifode |09 Nov,2015 07:59:17 PM

    Please tell me which colour is best , I am confused to choose

    Durairaj |29 Nov,2015 07:08:28 AM

    Even I too booked.... its delta diesel..

  • Chinmay |29 Oct,2015 12:02:48 AM

    Baleno never deserves such price tag with underpowered engine and cheap badge.Volkswagen polo an excellent breed in its segment more over it's a German which meets fantastic features and breathtaking performance with sophisticated interiors is best choice

    Saurabh Shinde |29 Oct,2015 12:07:25 AM

    I agree with u about interior quality is too good for polo but rear legroom is very narrow for polo that affects comfortness

    Chinmay |29 Oct,2015 12:12:23 AM

    If space is main criteria then i20 and jazz is really a better option

    Saurabh Shinde |29 Oct,2015 12:23:53 AM

    If features,milage,maintenance cost nd more than that service is considered no one can hold maruti's hand

    mohan |29 Oct,2015 11:49:13 AM

    That's true shinde, I agree with you.. Not only comfort but also milage ,spares cost, maintenance cost, service station across. All these things important.. Baleno interior is also great.

    Raj |29 Oct,2015 08:47:41 PM

    Is 75ps power is enough for todays generation ? heard that it is under powered MSIL should consider 90PS with SHVS to compete with I20..

    bibin |09 Nov,2015 10:10:28 AM

    75ps is slightly on the lower side. True. But pls do t forget the fact that baleno is 100 kgs lighter than its competitors and hence offers better weight to torque ratio. So lets jump into conclusions based on what u see on papers.

    radjeshbabu |12 Mar,2017 02:55:21 PM

    what is ps, baleno has 83 bhp engine right...and its kerb weight is 886 kgs and is 150 to 200 kgs less than Elite i20 or ford....I have booked Baleno Zeta model...still confused decision is correct or not

  • Manish |29 Oct,2015 12:20:13 AM

    Nice car and looking so good milage so good tyrs size big R16 and touch disply revers camera and maruti good job 2015

    Zahir Hussain |31 Oct,2015 09:17:55 AM

    Mr.Manish may I know that parking sensors is the camera or someother thing

    shahid rayeen |31 Oct,2015 06:13:48 PM

    Sahi kaha Yesssss?ssssssssss

  • Yuvraj |29 Oct,2015 12:33:53 AM

    Baleno is the choice .Trust by maruti Suzuki

  • sathis |29 Oct,2015 08:37:53 AM

    Which is the best one swift vxi or baleno delta pl anyone help

  • kabdarpa kumar bordoloi |29 Oct,2015 10:50:25 AM

    My budget 5.5 lk. Which car I go for.kwid or belano...

    janbaz |29 Oct,2015 11:09:58 AM

    baleno dear

  • saif |29 Oct,2015 12:57:25 PM

    Cnfused b2n baleno desl nd petrol. Hlp me fndz

    jawed |30 Oct,2015 11:00:27 PM

    It is depend on your daily use

    shahid rayeen |31 Oct,2015 06:16:11 PM

    Diesel. Best h

    Durairaj |29 Nov,2015 07:05:23 AM

    Not much different between petrol and diesel... my suggest is diesel... I booked diesel Delta for home purpose...

    Dev |03 Nov,2015 04:08:14 AM

    mainly depends on your usage monthly. deisel spares and servies may cost you high. e.g. engine oil price is almost tripple of deisel engine then petrol eng. Go for petrol if u want to use for home. ir diesel if u travel 1500 kms mothly..

  • vaibhav Pardhi |29 Oct,2015 02:43:35 PM

    Celerio zxi or Baleno delta (petrol)??? Please suggest...

    nandu vijayakumar |29 Oct,2015 05:14:53 PM

    Go wth baleno

    raju |30 Oct,2015 08:20:13 PM

    Baleno delta is good.

  • Yuvraj |29 Oct,2015 03:36:04 PM

    Petrol is the best choice

    raju |30 Oct,2015 08:24:37 PM

    If the transpotation freequency is less,petrol is the best choice.ok bro.

    jawed |30 Oct,2015 11:03:46 PM

    Petrol will be better

  • tamhankar |29 Oct,2015 05:53:28 PM

    Amazing test drive!!! :-)

  • Raj |29 Oct,2015 08:44:05 PM

    Could u pls give me Nexa bangalore nos ?

  • Rajan Chawla |29 Oct,2015 09:30:15 PM

    Excellent nice pickup I got test drive today It's amazing good space good interior overall very good car by Maruti

  • harsh |29 Oct,2015 09:30:45 PM

    I am confused with the mileage Baleno is claiming in its petrol variant. I have almost finalised ford Figo diesel @ 6.75. Please suggest

    ajinkya |07 Nov,2015 11:00:24 AM

    Go with maruti baleno then . figo. Maruti has a smooth drive awesome pickup and good mileage. And the service also good...

    sadik ali |29 Nov,2015 08:46:44 PM

    Baleno. Desal. Is best. ???

    Brisiyus |24 Dec,2015 12:07:17 AM

    Go for ford figo because of engine

    radjeshbabu |12 Mar,2017 03:00:20 PM

    does Ford fig aspire provide reverse parking sensor, i dont think so that is the reason i did not go for this car.....but i think it is a nice car ...its review is also good.

  • Nilesh oza |29 Oct,2015 11:00:31 PM

    Pls help me. Bye car balano is right choice. 1.2 delta petrol. Average ??????????????????????????? .

  • Baljinder Singh |29 Oct,2015 11:06:36 PM

    Planning to buy baleno alpha with in a week. But parents want me to buy dzire suggest me which one is better choice??

    Saurabh Shinde |29 Oct,2015 11:43:20 PM

    If ur parents wanted to buy compact sedan then i will suggest go for aspire But u r getting premium experience with baleno then u r thinking for any other options.

    Dev |03 Nov,2015 04:14:36 AM

    suffering from same problem.. but dzire is now common on road.. cant give u defferent feel to have a car.. baleno gvs u a feel to hv a deffernt from other. i think baleno is newly lounch thts why family member affraid abt baleno succes.. i prefr baleno

    PARVINDER |11 Nov,2015 09:43:01 AM

    Go for Baleno..stylish, looking good, Economically in every ways U should make some difference on the road with New stylish BALENO

  • mohd rashid |29 Oct,2015 11:28:51 PM

    Very beautiful car!

  • nadeem |29 Oct,2015 11:35:07 PM

    Wooow what a car Great car by great ppl

  • Dharmesh gindra |30 Oct,2015 12:06:28 AM

    Confused between ecosports and baleno...ecosports provide 200 ground clearance while baleno 170..ecosports are more safe vehicle...

    Arun Menon |02 Nov,2015 11:37:13 AM

    Ford service may drive u crazy and forget abt resale. Baleno is economical In all aspect if u forgo luxury to an extend

  • lijo jose |30 Oct,2015 07:20:31 AM

    Confused between Hyundai i20 or maruthi baleno get buy

  • pravin |30 Oct,2015 07:46:57 AM

    Confused in swift vdi and baleno sigma diesel .

  • dr akash |30 Oct,2015 09:19:04 AM

    Confused between Honda jazz and Maruti baleno petrol variant Guys help me out..

  • kmk raju |30 Oct,2015 09:27:56 AM

    It's a good car but will it sustain in case of impact since it being the lightest vehicle in its segment? Kindly clarify me on this aspect. :murali

  • sanjay |30 Oct,2015 02:17:16 PM

    I want to buy baleno. Please suggest any person 1.2 delta or 1.2 zeta

    Baljinder Singh |30 Oct,2015 04:14:18 PM

    Go for zeta

    pritpal singh |31 Oct,2015 11:55:04 AM

    Go for baleno delta since it has got everything u want in hatchback.

  • Makarand dabade |30 Oct,2015 02:49:44 PM

    Confussed between aspire automatic and baleno automatic, which is better?

  • milan |30 Oct,2015 05:42:40 PM

    Do I buy new ford figo at or go for baleno please help

    mohan |01 Nov,2015 08:33:37 AM

    Both are good .. Even I wanted to buy new figo but last moment I booked Baleno bz good features in base varient also resale value n low maintenance

  • supriyo chanda |30 Oct,2015 07:11:19 PM

    Baleno or ford figo aspire. Guys really confused. Please guide.

    aman |30 Oct,2015 11:47:35 PM

    Baleno is more spacious than Aspire.Also features are more in Baleno.

    amal |31 Oct,2015 10:26:23 AM

    Go for aspire loded with more safety features i

  • Manjit Nagar |30 Oct,2015 08:10:25 PM

    good work by suzuki

  • Bablu |30 Oct,2015 08:39:50 PM

    Nice car I am bay this

  • pankaj |30 Oct,2015 09:40:02 PM

    Kwid or balano?

    Nilesh oza |30 Oct,2015 11:06:21 PM

    Baleno is right choice dear.

  • Rajesh |30 Oct,2015 09:49:44 PM

    Hi, please suggest im looking a top end car, my bugget is 8lakhs, i love SUV but in 8lakhs not possible. Kindly suggest me the best....

    aman |30 Oct,2015 11:45:20 PM

    Go for i20 active.

    Sanjjv |01 Nov,2015 06:44:40 PM

    Go for maruti Ciaz. Amazing car with lots of features

  • sunder |31 Oct,2015 01:07:52 AM

    Whether every trim/variant have projector headlamps and Daytime Running Lights (DRL). Please tell if someone can clarify.

    pruthvish |31 Oct,2015 02:02:34 PM

    No only top end models

  • kumar |31 Oct,2015 09:20:39 AM

    I want to by a car, my budjet is 8 to 9 lakhs, shall I go balano? R desire?

    Zahir Hussain |31 Oct,2015 09:42:42 AM

    Go for the latest New baleno..switch to smart

    ajmal |21 Nov,2015 03:56:21 PM

    Baleno is not a safe car. Fully collapsed while accident 4 peoples died near punjab. Check automobiles news in One India today 21/11/2015. They have put collapsed baleno image also. Don't buy this car

    ganesh |23 Nov,2015 11:54:16 PM

    Hi tell me which car doesn't collapse when collided between to speed lorry hitting it it's good you share your valuable thought but think it's impossible even to Porsche survive such accident.

  • dr akash |31 Oct,2015 11:40:47 AM

    Jazz or baleno petrol version???? Confused Help me out

  • saurabh |31 Oct,2015 12:56:00 PM

    Swift dzire or baleno...what to buy?

    pritpal singh |31 Oct,2015 01:04:27 PM

    Baleno since it is latest smart car with grt mileage and looks.

  • Starling |31 Oct,2015 01:39:33 PM

    Confused b/w baleno n Hyundai xcent.pls suggest ASAP !

    amit |20 Nov,2015 10:08:40 PM

    Yes plz suggest..I m confused between these two.??

  • sibi |31 Oct,2015 04:06:16 PM

    How long will it take for the delivery of the car

  • thyagaraj |31 Oct,2015 05:06:15 PM

    Most awaited car... I waiting for this model ance 3 months and it has crossed my expectations. the car design is extremely good and having extra boot space. Exteriors are excellent. Final my wait is over and I have booked it...

  • shahid rayeen |31 Oct,2015 06:14:33 PM

    Superb....... Baleno

  • Mahesh |31 Oct,2015 11:19:12 PM

    Desire Vxi petrol or baleno ? Guide me...

  • Saurabh Shinde |31 Oct,2015 11:21:22 PM

    Are NEXA dealers negotiating in prices for baleno?

    sumit pawar |01 Nov,2015 04:11:55 AM

    No they arent.

    Bala |01 Nov,2015 12:25:33 PM

    For any new cars there will not be any offer and discount

  • dhananjai |01 Nov,2015 10:40:41 AM

    Superb car I booked the car I am waiting for drive....

  • ravi |01 Nov,2015 11:02:54 AM

    Baleno ki servicing nexa par hi hogi ya kisi bhi maruti ke showroom par ??

    Baljinder Singh |02 Nov,2015 06:47:19 PM

    From any maruti suzaki outlets

  • Gaurav |01 Nov,2015 11:17:08 AM

    Bhai balino best h

  • Dr Ramesh |01 Nov,2015 03:45:47 PM

    Don't buy this car buy Renault Kwid

    karthi |10 Nov,2015 11:04:16 PM

    Is it Renault kwid worth ..?

  • dinesh |01 Nov,2015 04:55:15 PM

    Hi I will drive 1000 to 1500 km per month. Kindly suggest the fuel option for me in baleno..

  • Bharat Makhija |01 Nov,2015 05:36:21 PM

    Baleno or I 20..plz suggest guys

    pritpal singh |01 Nov,2015 08:47:40 PM

    Go for baleno since it has low maintainance cost due to maruti tag and has grt looks.

  • soumitra das |01 Nov,2015 05:42:45 PM

    Mr. Ambrish is that petrol motor or disel motor...? And the millage...?

  • pritpal singh |01 Nov,2015 08:44:24 PM

    I drive about 1200 to 1400km per month.Please suggest the fuel version of baleno.

    rajat |01 Nov,2015 10:05:29 PM

    Go for petrol if running is less than 1500km/month.

  • sameer madhok |02 Nov,2015 12:08:21 AM

    Between ford aspire and baleno.... i know both are in different segment but my budget is 6lacs and would like to buy a petrol car. Finally short list these two cars any suggestions???

  • Akash |02 Nov,2015 11:02:03 AM

    Honda jazz or baleno ???

  • Arun Menon |02 Nov,2015 11:34:24 AM

    Need to Open new Nexa Outlets all over India. Nexa feels real good and premium.Hope the car will be same in future.

  • Baljinder Singh |02 Nov,2015 06:46:07 PM

    Worst experience of nexa staff. They are not giving exact date of delivery of car even after booking

    Saurabh Shinde |02 Nov,2015 11:40:11 PM

    Yes really very bad experience in NEXA Is this kind of premium experience they want to provide us in NEXA Suzuki dealer's other than NEXA provide much better experience while dealing with them. And It also not suitable to locate them in every city.

    Saurabh Shinde |02 Nov,2015 11:46:06 PM

    As my experience they have provided date of 4 weeks and (tentative), Yesterday I called him he increases that date to 10-15 days more even after booking on 2nd day of launch.

    Bala |03 Nov,2015 12:30:06 AM

    Yes i agree. I too faced same situation. I prebook the car around october 1st week and on 27th october i paid then more 1 lakh and they also confirmed me to take the red color car by 2nd november, but now they are saying to wait for 3 more weeks as they dont have red color car. Very bad experience. Setting the wrong expectations. But i loved the car a lot! Just holding down my patience for the amazing car...

    Saurabh Shinde |02 Nov,2015 11:49:18 PM

    Baljinder Hw much u pay as a booking amount? When rest amt he told u to pay? Accessories launched in ur area?

    Baljinder Singh |03 Nov,2015 02:02:57 PM

    I paid 11000 for booking

  • M THIMMA REDDY |02 Nov,2015 07:20:21 PM

    I like very good car BALENO

  • Rajan Chawla |02 Nov,2015 08:53:25 PM

    Excellent car......

    Rajan Chawla |02 Nov,2015 09:02:09 PM

    I also booked alpha diesal it's amazing

  • vishal |02 Nov,2015 11:06:20 PM

    Maruti baleno v/s mahindra tu300 which is better please suggest

  • Rajat yadav |03 Nov,2015 12:52:45 AM

    Baleno diesel or Petrol? Which one is better

  • Starling |03 Nov,2015 01:28:58 AM

    Confused b/w baleno n hyndai xcent. Pls suggest ASAP

  • prithvi |03 Nov,2015 06:43:36 AM

    Confused between I 20 elite and baleno

  • prashant pandey |03 Nov,2015 09:56:15 AM

    VALUE FOR MONEY.. Its best in segment.

  • ashwani |03 Nov,2015 04:28:15 PM

    Which car should I buy... Baleno or Amaze or Polo

    Saurabh Shinde |03 Nov,2015 05:34:16 PM

    I will suggest u to go for amaze,it is better in every aspects and performance is also good as many days after its launch no any bad review about it and i will suggest its diesel model. Polo if u want driving pleasure but think about its maintenance cost.

    Saurabh Shinde |03 Nov,2015 05:41:43 PM

    About baleno I dont want to say anything,I have booked that car but getting very bad reviews about build quality and its interior plastic qualities. I am about to cancel my booking for the same.

    Bala |05 Nov,2015 09:40:18 AM

    Just eager to know , where you saw the negative review of baleno ? I am following baleno news, reviews etc for past 2 months, i never came across on any negative feedback. Its a good car and great choice, rethink before you cancel it.

    Saurabh Shinde |03 Nov,2015 05:52:48 PM

    Baleno top model somewhat good because projector headlights and apple music system and nothing new other than this,they are also promoting only these things,And lower models looks like swift only because of conventional headlights,only side is considerabl

    Bala |04 Nov,2015 08:17:47 AM

    Go for baleno. If your budget is not with alpha model then go for honda jazz. Polo quality is good , but not good for resale, milege, comfort All these are taken care in jazz... Baleno is the awesome car so far. I booked alpha and i am just waiting for it.

    Bala |05 Nov,2015 09:31:27 AM

    Friends dont go for jazz as my suggestion above. I just got to know that 1) jazz pickup is going down during 1 and 2 gear change. 2) rear seat of jazz is not that comfortable, widht of the seat is not that good. Just to concentrate on leg room space thy reduced width of the rear seat So i dont recommend jazz!!!!

    Suresh Doifode |18 Nov,2015 06:19:43 PM

    Which colours is best? what is waiting time ?

  • Pradeep Trivedi |03 Nov,2015 10:08:14 PM

    Top end model comes with all features what more accessories you want.

  • tajinder |03 Nov,2015 10:25:46 PM

    the main thing about look of baleno is its projector lights and led back lights which is provided only in top end modals worth 9.20 on road price...they should give same lights atleast midle modal then other features..it will be a con for less sale of baleno,,,i want to buy this car for lights and look becuz engine is same used in swift or ertiga,,so simple car is not looking so gud and luxuries without fearures...its look cheap in large price and swift is better opt without features

    Bala |04 Nov,2015 09:20:55 AM

    Hi please read this article under news section of this app Has Maruti Baleno Degraded Worth of Swift and Dzire? This article will let u know what more you get compared to swift or dzire with just a difference of price of 30k

  • Amrit Patel |04 Nov,2015 12:33:29 PM

    Why is the overall rating just 3 out of 5? I think this car is now probably the best in the premium hatchback segment.

    pritpal singh |04 Nov,2015 03:28:26 PM

    Yes i think ratings shd be 4.5 or 5.Excellent car.Felt comfortable during its test drive.Waiting anxiously.

    Nirmal |04 Nov,2015 07:09:29 PM

    There are only two reviews of this car. One has given 5 rating and other 3. So, average is 3.

    Bala |05 Nov,2015 08:28:11 AM

    The 2nd rating given is not realestic. So all can just ignore the rating. Mostly it looks like given by polo agent. You can reas the review conversation in 2nd rating, many is not happy with the 2nd reviews.

  • Robin |04 Nov,2015 08:05:42 PM

    Rear legroom is less as compared to vw polo?!!! What a joke .. Baleno has got twice the rear legroom of polo.. . first of all . Just go and check the top variants of baleno .the features he told this car has not got let me tell. All of these are there in the top end variant . Dnt just compare the lower most variant of a car to a 8+ lac car .. Huhh.. Hilarious people.. :/

  • Suresh Doifode |04 Nov,2015 08:56:01 PM

    Baleno is very good looking car and also have good average and low maintenance cost

  • Baljinder Singh |04 Nov,2015 09:13:48 PM

    Petrol or diesel

  • tejas |04 Nov,2015 11:02:08 PM

    Deep u want car in true form than jazz is a clear winner. If u need lots of goodies and ready to compromise on the real car than go for baleno.

    Bala |05 Nov,2015 09:42:32 AM

    Jazz is ok , but not a true choice. Eventhough they used engine from sedan car, the pickup is having some issues during 1 or 2nd gear change.

  • D kumar |05 Nov,2015 07:08:38 AM

    I confused in baleno, celerio or kwid Which one is best

    Bala |05 Nov,2015 08:29:47 AM

    Resale, mileage, features, safety - baleno Kwid - no resale and no mileasge, but its very cheap. Go for baleno

  • SABINA bhimani |05 Nov,2015 02:43:44 PM

    Plz suggest me I am confused which car to buy maruti baleno or toyata etios cross

  • rajneesh |05 Nov,2015 04:17:50 PM

    Stuck between elite I 20 diesel asta option and baleno top diesel. ..kindly suggest ..thinking in long term perspective at least 5 years

    Bala |06 Nov,2015 02:13:30 AM

    If 5 years, then you need to give more preference for maintanence cost and resale aspect. Then maruti is best, which means baleno is best. I20 is famous for its stunning looks. If you are more towards stunning looks then i20 is best. If you are more concerned about milege,resale, latest features,maintanence cost then maruti baleno is best. Now you can take the call.

  • Vinay |05 Nov,2015 07:26:11 PM

    BALENO petrol or diesel which is the best choice and reason...

  • hunny |05 Nov,2015 09:26:07 PM

    im confused maruti baleno alpha diesel or i20elite diesel top model give me som suggestion

  • hunny |05 Nov,2015 09:27:46 PM

    mariti baleno alpha diesel or i20elite diesel top model which one is best

    Aman |05 Nov,2015 11:19:41 PM

    I20 is the best

  • SAGAR |06 Nov,2015 12:44:54 AM

    Baleno has got some good features which we find in cars above 12lacs like voice control, animated car door lock display, etc

  • nanu |06 Nov,2015 03:48:32 PM

    Best car india

  • Narendra patha |06 Nov,2015 05:13:58 PM

    I m looking for primium hatch back please suggest me jazz baleno or polo my minthly running would be approx 1000km.

  • DrMdk |06 Nov,2015 07:33:11 PM

    I had test drive today ... excellent looks and cabin ... drive quality is also good ... disel engine has good power ..... I had gone to book this baleno zeta silver... but m stil in dilemma abt petrol or disel... guide me plz

  • DrMdk |06 Nov,2015 07:33:22 PM

    I had test drive today ... excellent looks and cabin ... drive quality is also good ... disel engine has good power ..... I had gone to book this baleno zeta silver... but m stil in dilemma abt petrol or disel... guide me plz

    pritpal singh |06 Nov,2015 07:39:23 PM

    Petrol if driving less than 1200km per month.

  • ajinkya |07 Nov,2015 10:48:30 AM

    Confused between tata bolt and the maruti baleno .. Guyz help me plz.

  • sunny Bhai |07 Nov,2015 12:25:44 PM

    Looks great and feel like Benz Type :) cars I was confused between swift, figo aspire, honda amaze, earlier before but the moment I saw baleno I forgot all cars and now wants to book baleno after test drive right now it's not available in Hyderabad,

  • Surinder |07 Nov,2015 01:44:24 PM

    Which colour of baleno looks great?

    Deep Tamakuwala |08 Nov,2015 06:51:03 AM

    Granite grey

    Pristly |09 Nov,2015 03:50:44 PM

    Wot about ray blue?

    Deep Tamakuwala |09 Nov,2015 06:51:40 PM

    Ray blue looks quite cool in pictures and show room but outside it looks little dull.

  • Surinder |07 Nov,2015 01:47:44 PM

    I want to book baleno but i am confused about colour.Plz help

  • NARENDRA RAWAT |07 Nov,2015 04:56:53 PM

    I have also booked new maruti baleno delta petrol...

    ritik |08 Nov,2015 09:48:02 PM

    Did u get ur car

  • Ram |08 Nov,2015 08:25:35 AM

    Anybody can suggest me i should go for ford figo aspire aur baleno both in second varient( patrol model)

  • Dharam Singh |08 Nov,2015 10:18:46 AM

    what is the maintenance cost and parts cost of Baleno Diesel Variant as compared to petrol Variant...???? Expert please comment and guide me as my running monthly near about 1800 kms.

  • Jinesh |08 Nov,2015 09:01:14 PM

    Honda Jazz is best car in this segment.becos of its give every things..like a milage better perfomance

    Bala |12 Nov,2015 12:49:00 AM

    Honda jazz has these 2 issues, apart from it , it is good 1) pickup goes down while shifting to 1st gear 2) rear seat is not that excellent. Inorder to increase leg room , the rear seat width is reduced. Due to which long journey will not be that good for rear passengers. And also rear seat comes with mild rounded corners, which does not give comfort for rear window passengers. With the same prize as jazz, u get much more than jazz in baleno... Go for baleno!!!

  • ritik |08 Nov,2015 09:49:28 PM

    Did anybody got the car , Actually i have along tyme back ,bd m not gettng de car !!! Plz help

    Saurabh Shinde |09 Nov,2015 03:04:40 PM

    When did u booked it and which variant?

  • sonal |08 Nov,2015 09:49:48 PM

    Best car with all features

  • pritpal singh |08 Nov,2015 10:15:39 PM

    Which colour is good in baleno....white or granite grey?pl suggest.

  • Dr Radhakrishna |09 Nov,2015 11:29:12 AM

    Hello friends can any body suggest me is it worth spending RS 84,000 more on Baleno Alpa over Zeta variant? Thank you :)

    Pulakesh Debnath |10 Nov,2015 10:14:49 PM

    Hi...The top end model of Baleno..i.e. Alpha..has the DRL, touchscreen navigation system, reverse camera and the main..projector head lamps which gives a complete diff look to the car..

    Dr Radhakrishna |11 Nov,2015 10:14:19 AM

    Thank you very much.

  • Jones Jacob |09 Nov,2015 11:43:15 PM

    The weight of baleno is comparatively less; Is this can cause any problem?????? If it is not a serious problem then i will turn my mind from i20 elite to baleno

    Pulakesh Debnath |10 Nov,2015 10:40:37 PM

    Hi...weight had been reduced in order to increase fuel mileage..petrol variant is claimed 16-17kms/ltr...and body is claimed to have strong impact beams to sustain crash.

  • Sumit Agarwal |11 Nov,2015 11:05:13 AM

    Bought Alpha diesel on Dhanteras. Excellent car very light and fully loaded. Missing Auto Gear in Diesel and sunroof. Worth buying. Sumit Agarwal Kolkata

  • Malik |12 Nov,2015 10:28:38 PM

    Am confused to choose the color. Is red color is a good option in Baleno. Will it fade in future. Pls suggest me.

    Bala |16 Nov,2015 02:55:07 AM

    I also booked red alpha... I dont think it will fade, because swift has this color already.

    Bala |16 Nov,2015 11:36:32 PM

    Red is good one and even i went wit red baleno.. Its stunning!!!!

  • saquib karim |13 Nov,2015 02:07:54 AM

    I need help guys. Have 3 options baleno petrol , i20 petrol and swift zxi. Which car should i go for? And what's the average baleon petrol gives on road? And one more query does diesel engine maintenance costs more then petrol?

    Ruchir |16 Nov,2015 11:54:25 PM

    Go for baleno petrol it will give you mileage of 20 n above on highway

  • Akshat Mittal |13 Nov,2015 08:58:04 AM

    Excellent premium hatch offered by Maruti. It has fab looks superior performance and great comfort. On the talks about mileage it delivers 25kmpl on highway and 20 in city..

  • akash |13 Nov,2015 11:31:00 AM

    I loved it,full value for the money.

  • wasim |14 Nov,2015 12:22:25 PM

    Plz suggest me swift or Baleno. Diesel car.

  • Nishant |14 Nov,2015 12:43:22 PM

    Has anyone got delivery of baleno delta(petrol) if yes than plzz give details on usage like mileage ride quality and other aspects??????

  • shiva prasad |14 Nov,2015 05:11:05 PM

    one of the finest or the finest in this mid size premium sedans. It ticks all boxes when compared to others.The best parts are service ,maintenance cost, best in class mileage with unmatched premium safety features.

  • taimik |14 Nov,2015 06:49:04 PM

    Maruti has finally came out with very attractive ,premium hatchback car which is loaded with features and competitive prising only the problem is why maruti is exclusively selling this car at nexas showroom which is confined to large cities.

  • Akshay |15 Nov,2015 02:03:03 PM

    Baleno ! New Baleno offer diesel engine with little change, Suzuki offer 1.3 DDiS in entire range of diesel cars. But in Baleno they provide with 74BHP which is slighty less than rest of are diesel product of Suzuki.

  • Ruchir |16 Nov,2015 08:31:34 PM

    My friend got his baleno (zeta 1.2 petrol Silver color) last week from pune..he drove it to indore and returned back yesterday..i accompany him frm indore to pune 600km..handling, comfort, boot space excellent..and awesome mileage of 20+ km/l.

  • ashok kumar |16 Nov,2015 10:11:11 PM

    Its queen in premium hatch back

  • Atul |17 Nov,2015 03:02:34 AM

    I would love to buy an Auto transmission Maruti Baleno provided I get top variant model available. Sad that currently Auto model is available in low end version. I do not understand why should I compromise on top features to buyan Auto transmission car.

  • shubham |18 Nov,2015 01:11:55 AM

    Totally confused btw Swift and Baleno.Which one to buy?

    sanjeev |18 Nov,2015 04:32:12 PM

    I m also confused between swift dezire and Baleno as Baleno is nice car but hatchback whereas dezire is sedan. pl. help

    pritpal singh |18 Nov,2015 08:16:59 PM

    Go for baleno since with its arrival now dzire is bit outdated same as esteem was outdated when swift came.

    Ruchir |18 Nov,2015 11:45:35 PM

    Dezire and swift are almost same..the only thing different is the bootspace. Go for baleno it is much better than both. With dezire u'll get sedan feel..but with baleno u'll get comfort and luxury as well

  • pawan |20 Nov,2015 06:46:20 PM

    Baleno...or ..i20?

  • ramasamy |20 Nov,2015 10:43:44 PM

    First time In hatchback model in low price and very rich premium model and more features.compare to all hatchback cars the numper one car is BALENO.

  • Jones Jacob |21 Nov,2015 12:41:05 AM

    Booked maruthi baleno And waiting for it :D :D :D

  • SYAMKUMAR |21 Nov,2015 06:21:42 PM

    Baleno petrol base model is a good choice ??? I mean zigma.

  • mohit |22 Nov,2015 02:48:35 PM

    I confused maruti baleno or maruti swift desire??

  • Milton |23 Nov,2015 08:05:52 AM

    Has beleno CVT delta come with digital display???

  • Saurabh Shinde |23 Nov,2015 11:38:25 AM

    Accident of new baleno in Jalandhar, It got fully damaged,after looking at those images question of its safety arises,shd we buy that car? Baleno got zero ratings from euro NCAP safety ratings then why should we buy this car?

    Shariq |02 Dec,2015 11:17:32 PM

    No one is too bothered about the accident it seems!

  • bipul |24 Nov,2015 10:24:48 PM

    Confused with swift dzire and baleno

  • Neel |25 Nov,2015 09:23:20 AM

    Which variant is value for money baleno delta or baleno zeta..??

  • sanjay |25 Nov,2015 11:19:10 AM

    Superb car baleno

  • pritpal singh |25 Nov,2015 07:58:11 PM

    Got baleno today.Excellent car.Its value for money.Ratings is 4.5 but i would like to give it 5 out of 5.

  • Prijun |26 Nov,2015 08:13:30 AM

    Pls suggest me, should I go with baleno or i20

  • roshan basrani |26 Nov,2015 11:44:15 PM

    mere pass nexa ki baleno hai ye bahut ashi caar hai

  • Gaurav Palkar |27 Nov,2015 08:27:08 PM

    I was thinking of buying entry level hatchback such as eon, maruti alto but after seeing baleno I just fell in love with this. Just increasing budget a bit now I am thinking of base version of baleno which is some where around 5.8 lacs. Please suggest.

  • inder |28 Nov,2015 07:37:41 AM

    Im also having baleno, rating 5/5

  • ABHAY Guleria |28 Nov,2015 10:09:10 PM

    Every small aspect has been considered. 2-3 more things must be added while competing with Honda Jazz or Elite i20.... these are Rear A/c vents, Rear seat arm rest with cup holders and most important thing electrically adjustable ORVMs. Plz provide....

  • Sudhir kumar |29 Nov,2015 07:20:32 PM

    Hi all . Today i got the New Baleno Red . While taking the delivery of car accessiors are missing like sill gaurd , deluxe carpet , body cover and mud flaps . The RM told these accessiorrs are discontiued we are not getting these Main accessiors of the car , they gave us one car washing kit cost of 1600rs , for accessiors they charged 8800rs this is very bad service from Bimal Maruti bangalore outer ring road

  • sanjaykumar |01 Dec,2015 04:53:06 PM

    My dezel baleno avrg nager _ nasik 24.84 Verry good car, I am satisfy baleno zeta purchece,

  • Saurav Dutta |01 Dec,2015 10:58:10 PM

    Sirji... Baleno lelo... maruti suzuki & hyundai have the widest service network, have the most value for money cars & hold the best resale value.

  • Nitin |03 Dec,2015 01:33:44 PM

    I'm confused between Elite i20 and baleno

  • sundar |04 Dec,2015 04:14:27 AM

    Pis suggest which one is good..swift vxi or baleno delta petrol

  • Kanchan Layek |04 Dec,2015 12:07:14 PM

    Baleno should be made available across all maruti showrooms.It will not only help the customers but I think sale will also increase.

  • Laddu |05 Dec,2015 02:09:45 PM

    Go for jazz.balano is light weight and the ride quality is not good at high speed. Although for city it is good. The jazz is better in ride quality also it is good at interior with high quality material.

    pritpal singh |05 Dec,2015 04:11:47 PM

    Disagree with you.Baleno is excellent.I am driving it since last ten days.No comparison for baleno in today's date.

    bala |05 Dec,2015 07:05:49 PM

    No way jazz is not a good deal.

  • AMRINDER PAL SINGH |06 Dec,2015 12:54:47 PM

    Confused between in i20 or Baleno. Please suggest me?

    Saurabh Shinde |08 Dec,2015 04:59:09 PM

    Anyone got Baleno car cover n other accessories?Also I got Baleno white,suspension on highway good bt on city roads n breakers these r very bad is this problem is with me only or any other is also facing the same?

  • uttam alone |09 Dec,2015 07:58:02 PM

    I booked baleno alfa on 14 Nov, but not delivered up to now.

  • surinder |10 Dec,2015 10:16:06 PM

    dont go for baleno it has a very cheap build quality metal like tin. no engine efficiency. very light weight, even swift is better than baleno.kerb weight is just 865-985, although its not a major shortcoming for diesel but petrol at 865 kg is very light.

  • ravi |11 Dec,2015 07:15:02 PM

    Is baleno petrol delta 1.2 has touch screen music system?

  • vibha |11 Dec,2015 08:50:47 PM

    I bay baleno pitrol .looking very nice.every thing is new and bitter. Good pick up & excellent Luxury's look& feel.test drive is so good. I drive 795k.m average is very good above 18+.everything is fine .breaking system is new and fine .

  • mohan R |13 Dec,2015 12:46:31 AM

    WWW.source..bold sky.com

  • azeez |13 Dec,2015 10:16:19 PM

    Baleno is a very very nice car and i see baleno is better thn the hona jazz and maruthi swift and also very chip maintence and lowest price u want book now nice car

  • mr ankush singla |14 Dec,2015 08:17:06 PM

    Maruti Suzuki car company as the best car company as compare to other companies and mostly volkswagon and hundai

  • saikat |14 Dec,2015 10:18:18 PM

    Baleno or elite i20...please suggest

  • Lokesh Kumar |15 Dec,2015 02:14:48 PM

    I recently got delivered my 1.2 Baleno Alpha Pearl white and I must say it looks stunning on road with liquid flow design n Gorgeous Drls . Its been 15 days m driving it in city and it gives me 16 kmpl with AC right now with approx 400 km running till now which I am expecting to increase after 1st servicing. Handling n gear shift is smooth n feel confident , suspension is lil firm for me. Space is huge n as good as any mid sized sedan in the market .Overall amazing package with amazing features n interiors comes with an amazing price ..I love this car !!!!

  • ashika |15 Dec,2015 03:04:49 PM

    I'm confused with baleno delta petrol and ford figo trend diesel.

  • Dr Debes Ghosh |16 Dec,2015 05:50:24 PM

    I booked a delta version of petrol model of baleno from park street premier car private Ltd nexa showroom on 14 th November .The sales executive assured that I can get that car if I took autumn orange at first week of December.But till now no news of car.

    abhai kr rao |27 Dec,2015 12:31:51 PM

    Same happening here as well. I was told dt i would get car in 1.5 months (booked on 15 nov) bt now rm is saying dt i would nit get d car in dec n he would try in jan. maruti is acting like govt org.

  • suraj sachdev |16 Dec,2015 10:36:37 PM

    Guys i have booked Baleno Delta diesel. Is there still something missing in that variant or would be wise choice with limited budget?

    Karan |22 Dec,2015 01:17:33 AM

    go for zeta

  • amit |17 Dec,2015 11:10:17 PM

    Wht us the kmpl of petrol on plssss tell in city driving? ???

  • thomas |18 Dec,2015 10:27:23 PM

    What about the heat insulation and engine cover for maruthi baleno petrol? Does it affect side wirings.

  • Rajkumar Gautam |21 Dec,2015 10:33:21 PM

    Nice car Rajkumar From BSES

  • sunny mishra |23 Dec,2015 10:29:46 PM

    Iam quite confused between i20 elite & baleno..... Which 1 I sud go 4......

  • nitin |25 Dec,2015 11:30:13 AM

    Don't compare Honda jazz with baleno ever .

  • pradip |27 Dec,2015 11:01:32 PM

    Dosto muje ak car chaiea to me confuse ho raha ho consa car lo only my family pur pose not busness kya applog help korogi moje Thanks

  • pradip |27 Dec,2015 11:01:34 PM

    Dosto muje ak car chaiea to me confuse ho raha ho consa car lo only my family pur pose not busness kya applog help korogi moje Thanks

  • ankit |29 Dec,2015 07:10:55 PM

    We are purchased baleno zeta model and we are more than impressed by the performance of this vehicle. Excellent average of 22.5 on highway, very spacious at the rear, good looks and features!!

  • rakesh |01 Jan,2016 03:53:27 PM

    good car very impressive modal

  • ashika |03 Jan,2016 09:10:18 PM

    Booked baleno 1.2 delta. Did I make the right decision?

    Karan |07 Jan,2016 01:19:53 AM

    go gor zeta it has many additional fearure....i brought granite grey and trust its lookn sexy man

  • Rajeev soni |08 Jan,2016 09:27:08 AM

    Hi I have baleno diesel, drived almost 2000 kms. Very comfortable , good mileage and Spacious car.maruti needs to improve interior in baleno.

  • nazre imam |08 Jan,2016 11:23:06 PM

    Don't go for baleno.. Nexa team really sucks ....no guarantee when your car arrives.I hve booked on 20 Dec , not heard when I will get the car...

  • nazre imam |08 Jan,2016 11:23:22 PM

    Don't go for baleno.. Nexa team really sucks ....no guarantee when your car arrives.I hve booked on 20 Dec , not heard when I will get the car...

  • nazre imam |08 Jan,2016 11:24:09 PM

    Don't go for baleno.. Nexa team really sucks ....no guarantee when your car arrives.I hve booked on 20 Dec , not heard when I will get the car...

  • A Pramith Rai |09 Jan,2016 11:40:07 PM

    Those who have already bought baleno....can u tell me...how much mileage it actually gives..in city as well as in highway?

    Karan |11 Jan,2016 08:45:54 PM

    i'm getting 18 in city nd 21 on highway

    sanjaykumar |13 Jan,2016 10:56:49 PM

    My baleno disel car in two manth raning 8567km milleg 24 to25.48 on a.c. Verry nice car driving verry comfart l am verry verry satisfy baleno choice

  • bharath |14 Jan,2016 01:13:56 PM

    I have doubt on baleno Service also done in nexa or maruthi showroom any one tell

    Karan |20 Jan,2016 09:29:41 AM

    service will be done in sai service only

    sanjaykumar |23 Jan,2016 11:14:40 PM

    Maruti showroom service center kothari hadapsar (pune) best servising compair nexa hoples sarvice

  • amit |15 Jan,2016 03:52:15 AM

    I bought sigma model and i m confused which stereo is completely fits because the space given in sigma model is about 20cm and most of the stereo is about 15.3cm. So plz suggest me which stereo i will buy????

  • lynton |17 Jan,2016 06:42:32 AM

    Which one should I go for kuv 100 or baleno. Which one has good suspension as we have bad roads.

  • ashwani |17 Jan,2016 11:01:47 PM

    If i book in january. May I got in march.

  • vaisakh |20 Jan,2016 02:37:42 PM

    Heard about engine side negative feedback from my friend is that true?

    Karan |24 Jan,2016 03:02:58 PM

    bst car in ths segmen....m using since 15dayz....1000km done

  • nikhil |20 Jan,2016 11:33:26 PM

    ehat will b the minimun cost for sevicing

  • daitunma brahma |21 Jan,2016 04:13:43 PM

    I have booked the car but still not any information about the car. Kindly increase the production as quick as possible.

  • pragnesh |21 Jan,2016 10:08:32 PM

    Maruti new model baleno is nice car but Nexa showroom,their sales executives are so cheap,untrained staff at showroom.Delivery of car is not intime and only promised every time.Never book baleno,i20 is best compare to it.

  • sri |24 Jan,2016 08:06:56 PM

    Maruti suzuki is created high hipe on Nexa Showrooms there is no proper brochure for Baleno they taking 1/2 A4 SIZE paper for Baleno variant s . .when we went there looks like worst experience compare to normal show room. However took finally test dri

    rajesh |12 Mar,2017 03:38:50 PM

    yes they dont even allow for test drive, anyway booked zeta model, but before buying will take test drive, still confused between i20 or figo aspire or baleno....dont know whether they will give my advance amount of 11000 if i cancel booking....

  • vickyraj |24 Jan,2016 08:22:27 PM

    Best car from maruti....no chalenge....

  • jasbir singh |25 Jan,2016 05:38:44 AM

    Hmm bhi lenge

  • Karan |28 Jan,2016 11:55:21 PM

    Wonderful car amezing to drive loved it....

  • scg |06 Feb,2016 12:23:40 AM

    i feel the safety features are not there it is not tested in ncap global safety rating also the product is defective I feel a noise in body while driving c'mon I have friend he also had baleno I regret to buy maruti product

  • Neelam |07 Feb,2016 11:16:16 PM

    I m interested in Baleno but no showroom in my state, Tripura! I wonder why Maruti Baleno is very limited!

  • Ankur |08 Feb,2016 02:31:26 AM

    Howz i20 elite..I ve heard there's sm ac issue wid it

  • mithu |12 Feb,2016 12:31:58 PM

    What is the actual waiting period

  • Mayank sharma |13 Feb,2016 01:09:54 AM


  • manoj sharma |17 Feb,2016 06:50:22 PM

    What is actual mileage of diesel on highway??? Company claimed above 27.

  • prann |24 Feb,2016 07:48:00 PM

    Today i m happy with zeta.. Finally we get the car from Kolkata . Its looks are so sexy. Touchscreen is best.. All features are too good. Much comfortable than i20. No other car can comparable in this price range.

  • Dhiraj |26 Feb,2016 09:33:59 PM

    My friend buy baleno diesel version but he is not satisfied with mileage what u think

    sanjaykumar |28 Feb,2016 11:29:15 PM

    Baleno disel avrg 23km/ltr to 26.08km/ltr.my baleno 79days raning 13876km. Avrg tank full to tank full.

  • vijay kumar |27 Feb,2016 09:24:51 PM

    Confused swift or baleno. Please give suggestions

  • Naveen Verma |28 Feb,2016 07:36:15 AM

    Is Baleno available through CSD??

  • ishtiyaq |05 Mar,2016 11:08:59 PM

    This is a good car available at such cost but a person has to wait for quite long time

  • Paran Gogoi |06 Mar,2016 06:25:43 PM

    Its awesome and very royal looking car, and best in segment. Booked this car in November and they messaged that they will delivered in February. But no information till now. Can't wait more for the car.

  • surajbhan |06 Mar,2016 11:19:31 PM

    car dekho team plz suggest me which petrol or diesel ia better for me economically. my monthly drive is 1800 km.

    Karan |09 Mar,2016 10:22:29 AM

    go for baleno diesel

  • Rahul |09 Mar,2016 12:41:43 AM

    What is the exact mileage of its petrol version???

    Karan |09 Mar,2016 10:22:51 AM

    m gettn 18 in city and 21 on highway

  • nidhinks |10 Mar,2016 07:40:06 AM

    Which car is better i20 or baleno? Baleno petrol delta anything problems some people asking back seat vibration problem please help me

  • DrMdk |12 Mar,2016 03:00:38 PM

    Car is good but Nexa sucks ...I hav booked baleno on dec 3rd 2015 expected date was on 9th of march 2016 ..till today no news abt car delivery and a very poor response and all executives start some cookedup stories ... very disgusting here...

  • gaurav |12 Mar,2016 04:34:19 PM

    I am planning to book baleno but I am confuse between baleno and mahindra kuv100 please sugges me which one is better in safety and performance point of view .

  • sunil |13 Mar,2016 05:14:58 PM

    Best hatchback car

  • tushar thorat |19 Mar,2016 05:57:00 AM

    I test drive baleno The back seat of baleno Is totally faulty No back and thi support For long drive it is very inconvenient I give zero percentage for that Overall car is good

    sachin |25 Mar,2016 12:18:13 PM

    Dont look only money when you offering more money that means product also better one... i know baleno is more chipper but not safe i20 is the best n safe Dont go on balenos look jaisa dikhta hai eaisa nahi rahta

  • Nidhi |26 Mar,2016 09:59:44 PM

    Really disappointed with the waiting period for Baleno. From Dec till date, there is no clue. Really pathetic service NEXA. Behaviour is as if, they are giving the car for free.

  • bicky |27 Mar,2016 10:36:47 PM

    What is the mailage in petrol????

  • GANAPATHY |28 Mar,2016 09:36:11 PM

    Which one is best performance petrol or diesal?

  • pradeep kumar gupta |04 Apr,2016 05:42:51 PM

    Can u tell me the millege of this car in city As u have used it Plzz tellme approx millege

  • mnanish |04 Apr,2016 11:10:40 PM

    Conuise me ergtika and ecosport best car any one

  • madhava reddi |05 Apr,2016 11:31:07 PM

    Its very nice looking car in this year

  • shubhajit |06 Apr,2016 11:27:59 PM

    Baleno zeta vs Mahendra nuvo sport A4 ...which one is better?

  • gowtham |08 Apr,2016 10:29:09 PM

    Excellent royal look and more space and much comfortable..feel smoothen rideœŒðŸ»ï¸

  • kapil sharma |12 Apr,2016 06:34:51 PM

    What about milage?

  • GADDE GIRIDHAR |13 Apr,2016 10:42:25 PM

    How does tge car feel on comfort and milage, is it better than grand i10 compared to cc ....

  • Kishore Sen |16 Apr,2016 12:51:58 PM

    Inbetween Baleno & New Honda Amaze , which is better in terms of power, endurability and maintaice expenses.

  • NAGENDRA JANI |17 Apr,2016 08:05:29 AM

    I am confuse between maruti nexa baleno delta diesel varient and maruti breeza vitara ldi. Both car on road prize is approx same. And what will be average and future performance of breeza vitara. Plz kindly suggest me.

  • dalpat Singh |17 Apr,2016 11:25:52 PM

    I am confused go with baleno or vitara breeza

  • bharath Ks |19 Apr,2016 04:03:09 PM

    Already i am booking this car but waiting period is 5 months so wt i did plz tell me

  • Rapo Holic |20 Apr,2016 01:45:37 AM

    What is the waiting period for baleno

  • rajender |20 Apr,2016 11:25:19 AM

    Hi everyone. I am confused between baleno petrol sigma and delta. Will it be good to buy sigma and get fitted sterio and remote centerlock thereafter to save approx 60k or better to go for delta. Which colour will be long lasting good.

  • S Chatterjee |23 Apr,2016 07:07:47 AM

    Waiting time 7 to 8 months is a big issue, but still I booked Baleno because of it's features.I don't think any one can give all these features in this class.

  • Shekh izazul Rahman |25 Apr,2016 10:07:19 PM

    Good live car

  • nikhil |25 Apr,2016 11:49:01 PM

    Which one best baleno delta or dzire vxi optional

  • shemde |27 Apr,2016 01:44:48 AM

    Does the car vibrates when we go beyond 120? Please tell me honestly! Cuz i am planning to buy

  • bicky |28 Apr,2016 04:41:40 PM

    Any one need baleno form guwahati.I booked baleno 4month back but now i am not going to buy due to some problem.contact me if any one need bookin recipte.i book on 10/12/15 and car will come on next month 2nd week.9854299857

  • kapoorberanee |09 May,2016 09:59:50 AM

    Very nc car from Kapoor beranee

  • ranjit |23 May,2016 05:11:33 PM

    M booked 09 may waiting for delivery

  • Ed Hanks |26 May,2016 12:07:47 PM

    Im plannnin to book a Baleno Delta version in Chennai. How much does it cost to book the car what is the waiting time for the car to be delivered.

    Akshata |23 Jan,2017 09:56:35 AM

    Did you buy the Car ? Has it been delivered ? How is the performance and color ?

  • pravin |10 Jun,2016 09:08:10 PM

    Baleno Really superb car..all over

  • M dey |20 Jun,2016 12:27:46 AM

    I would like to buy a balano .... Is it available in the market....

  • Rahul Malik |22 Oct,2016 02:17:20 AM

    I bought a baleno alpha 6 months before first this car was working very good but after that one day i was driving it n suddenly while driving cars rim brakes and handel get locked and our car collided with pole and me n my friend got injured. So if you love your life n your family I will advise you not to buy this car.

    radjeshbabu |12 Mar,2017 05:58:05 PM

    How come while driving handle will get lock and lead to collision, this gives fear in me as I have booked Zeta model, already I saw reviews about poor suspension and low kerb weight.Did you give customer complint what is their response, I never heard fault like this in any of Baleno model, really worried.

  • harsh saini |23 Oct,2016 11:15:17 PM

    Just got luckiest I got my carvwithout any waiting period booked on 19 october and will be out on 28 i.e dhanteras got luckier this time

  • Jeet Singhal |08 Nov,2016 01:33:53 AM

    Confusd...go with i20 active or baleno..

  • Rishabh |12 Nov,2016 08:19:48 PM

    Nice car launched by NEXA

  • Rishabh |24 Nov,2016 08:08:09 PM

    Nice car launched by Maruti suzuki nexa

  • Akshataa |23 Jan,2017 09:54:03 AM

    How is Baleno Autumn Orange ? I doubt if the colour gets faded over the years? Can anyone suggest if it is good to buy Orange color ?

  • Rohit Shrivastava |10 Feb,2017 09:03:25 PM

    Baleno is good car but waiting time is to long to chang mind set to other car .

  • swapna |23 Feb,2017 03:11:53 AM

    If it comes to style

  • Aditya |27 Apr,2017 02:15:04 AM

    What is your car variant? Delta or alpha

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